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09 Jun 2015 

Website Marketing Advice That Will Make You Money

When something works in business, you stay with it. This is applicable to using Facebook as a marketing tool for your company. Although it's only existed for around ten years, Facebook is really a proven success in terms of marketing campaigns. These article will teach you how to maximize this extremely helpful tool for business.

You are able to offer a sweepstakes in return for his or her "Like" if you're having problems gaining followers. Just place the sweepstakes within a tab on your own company's page and possess them fill it out with their email address, specifying that just those who enjoy your page will qualify for the contest.

Make custom tabs on the Facebook page. You can expect to automatically use a few tabs setup for yourself when you make your page, but it is possible to get creative and add in a few of your. For instance, think about together with a tab which includes links to information which you find valuable.

Make sure to enhance your Facebook page regularly. It doesn't matter how great your Facebook page is. You could be losing the interest of your respective customers if you're failing to update frequently. Be sure you post on the page often and answer any customer questions or feedback promptly.

Put together a Facebook contest. People like fun things such as contests and quizzes on Facebook. It's one of the things which enables the social media site so special. It's not really that hard for the company or brand to put together a competition, and it can really start the engagement degree of your community.

If you are planning to share with you images together with your fan base, make certain you know specifically who or exactly what is being portrayed. Posting a photograph of a single person and saying it really is somebody else is certainly a terrible faux pax. It may give people the concept that they are not individuals in your eyes.

Make use of Facebook business page being a content platform. You should use your page as being a publishing platform that can channel your audience and additional the reach of your content. Enhance your Facebook page to tell everyone regarding this and permit them to access it for those who have your blog that you just write on. All things considered, you may possibly not get website visitors to your blog site on a daily basis. The greater you write and publish in a variety of locations, the further your valuable content can reach your audience.

Do not try to use your own Facebook page to attract fans. This is not a good idea because personal users have friend limits that business users don't. You don't want someone to try to join your page just to be told that you may have reached your limit. They probably won't get back to try another time.

Choose your Facebook profile picture carefully. You might for instance work with an image of your logo or latest product. Usually do not hesitate to modify your profile picture regularly but make certain your page remains simple to identify. Customize your page further by creating a cover picture that corresponds to the sort of designs you have used for the other marketing campaigns.

Launch a whole new contest if your Facebook marketing plan has stalled. Announce your intentions in your friends and subscriber list members making it something exciting. Word will catch on quickly that you're around something interesting and that will develop a social networking buzz around your organization. You can expect to reignite the interest of your own old sign and customers-up brand new ones at the same time.

Buy your famous brands secured on Facebook. Facebook is a large and ever-growing community. Secure it as soon as you can when you are fortunate enough to possess a name that isn't taken. One never knows when someone may just pick that name and you'll be at a complete loss.

Make listening your main thing. This life lesson is really important on Facebook too. People don't wish to be talked at. They would like to be spoke with. Which means hearing them and responding based from the conversation. The higher listener you will be on Facebook, the better fans that you'll make.

Be strategic about when you post. Every target audience is distinct regarding the time they need to surf social media sites in the daytime. Should you be posting at 9am, but your audience will surf during the night, you then are missing out on golden opportunities to build communication and community dc web design rochester ny using these people. Post once your audience is dc freelance web design rates usually around.

The point of making a Facebook page would be to reach more increase and folks sales, but you should try your greatest to search like you are about a lot more than money. If people think that the only reason you are trying to have there attention is to generate money, they are going to not look at that like a positive thing.

Discover ways to target your ads. Tend not to waste time and money marketing to those who are not considering what you are actually offering. Filter users by age, geography or gender along with many other characteristics. Facebook causes it to be very simple to concentrate on your audience, so take full advantage of it.

Tend not to place any images on the cover of your own page that are not high quality and/or are not related to your organization. You may notice a nice picture that you simply think people will love, but it really won't make any sense to publish it if this has nothing related to what you are actually selling.

Those who use Facebook as being a promotional tool have to be sure there are ways to interact with potential consumers. By design, Facebook is really a social networking. A lot of people use Facebook to speak and share with others, so make certain you are providing a means that you can have two-way conversation with other individuals. Brainstorm relating to your brand's specific aspects which can be inherently social. People will want to share it with their friends when you create engaging content around these aspects.

Don't enable the complexity and size of Facebook scare you off. Make use of the medium with this social networking juggernaut to showcase your small business and acquire results. If your enterprise is small or very new, it really will help you market yourself better, irrespective of. Keep this advice in mind while you start your trip.

Not selling a product or service, selling yourself, although the keys to becoming successful within your multi-level marketing career are centered on selling. There are many different strategies on how to sell yourself instead of this product. This product comes later. The following tips will reveal alternative methods to target yourself and not the product.

Maintaining a popular industry is about a lot more than getting visitors to your site you should have them return repeatedly. So, if it's only a page or two on your own website, whatever type of web business you're in, you have to be sure that you are constantly updating your articles, even. Give people something to return for.

Have a second blog outside your site or viceversa if you are going to work your blog on the site. By getting two avenues of knowledge around it is possible to target those that do not wish to experience the pressure of being over a site where they might have to buy something. However, the strength of the external blog can drive these people to the main site and make a buyer.

Consider social media marketing outlets to be your pals. They enable you to keep your business and your site showing up into your customers lives. Lots of people now get updates readily available outlets sent instantly to their phone, meaning that you are going to always gain access to your prospects.

Be specific and basic. Remember your visitor base includes a variety of people, with some other amounts of knowledge of your merchandise. Use laymen's terms to describe things, but in addition include the individual specifications for those more complex. Catering to all of your readers will probably increase sales from all sides in the spectrum.

Use a specific goal under consideration. Discover what it really is you would like web site to do, and aim towards that goal. Begin small at the beginning, say by increasing traffic, after which move out to other goals. Many a website has failed mainly because they tried too much at the same time.

To be an efficient internet marketer, you have to be clearly dedicated to your goals and also a plan. You will end up easily distracted by sales pitches which promise you a quick way of getting rich online when you are not focused. Once you veer from your planned course of action, you waste time and expense.

Before starting an organization website, a minor but important Web marketing tactic is to get a professional email address. Cute, personal addresses at generic domains like hotmail or gmail tend not to encourage the faith and confidence you want website visitors to have in your business. Pay for the extra cash to get email addresses in your websites own domain making the average person addresses businesslike.

Use searches for images in order to boost your Internet promotion. Your blog will get hits to the relevant images along with the normal text hits it gets. You will see that more and more people will stop on your site and check around. This creates great branding and they are more likely to get back to your site.

In important tip regarding website marketing is to make certain that your web site gets directly to the point. As the time frame that you need to capture a possible buyer's interest is just a few brief seconds, you want to eliminate anything that will distract customers out of your main product or purpose.

Consider giving coupons or exclusive promotions to customers after their first purchase using your website. This is an excellent website marketing tactic for encouraging repeat business. Once they get back to buy from you again, it gives you customers something of undeniable value - but only. You possibly can make additional money to make your prospects happy!

Be sure that you continue an online presence by submitting articles to e-zines and posting in forums frequently. Following what you post online put your business plus a backlink to where people should expect to locate you online. If people such as your content they will click through out of curiosity.

Be sure that your business is to establish correctly on bing Places. There are a variety of individuals who have problems with creating a boost in traffic since their facts are listed wrong in the search engines Places. Ensuring that these details is correct can mean a great deal for the life of your organization.

A good way to get a boost in traffic to your site is by developing a blog. Make sure to provide regular updates of fresh content in your blog. They will likely give it a look often to view what exactly is happening if people know they may see new content once they see your website.

One good way to improve traffic to your site is usually to write tip lists on topics you happen to be a specialist in. Folks are always researching ways to do things within a better way, therefore they will welcome the guidelines. Make sure to place links to the site following each list.

You will want your website to be noticed when you have an internet promotion site. The best way to accomplish this is to get listed with Google, because it has the most traffic of all search engines like google on the market. When you are indexed there, your site traffic increases plus your business will, also.

A vital tip regarding Affiliate marketing is to be sure that not only you accept major bank cards at your site, and also that the prominently display it. If customers see familiar logos, this will likely show customers that it is easy to buy from your web site and will also put in your credibility.

Keep the tasks organized when you plan your internet promotion strategy. There are many things that you need to do, and in some cases it could be so overwhelming you do not know how to start. Should you organize your tasks, you can find through them methodically and efficiently without putting things off.

To attain effective and cheap marketing the digital age, you have to employee internet promotion techniques dc web design firms including however, not restricted to multimedia email, social network sites advertising placement, seo, and mobile marketing. Website marketing is now just about the most effective sales and marketing techniques and is not really only the "coming trend".

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09 Jun 2015 

Tops Tips About Facebook Marketing That Anyone Can Follow

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple With These Top Tips

Internet promotion is an extremely broad term that refers to not only marketing on the internet but in addition email and wireless media marketing. It combines both creative and technical areas of marketing within the digital era. It can be extremely effective along with an inexpensive method to market an enterprise today. Read this post to discover most of the options for marketing on the internet.

Check out the sites of the competitors. It will also give you ideas about what you can do a little bit better or a little differently, though this will help you to see what you're against. You should use their websites for ideas about content for your site and blog.

Claim your company on yelp, google maps, map quest and everywhere else online it exists. Use these pages to communicate with your customers and ensure that your details are accurate. A number of these sites can contain false info about yourservices and hours, and cost. Make sure to control the conversation about your business.

Unconventional advertising on the web may be very useful. As an illustration, you could potentially create a YouTube channel the place you demo your product or service for those to discover. Furthermore this let your prospective customers comment and rate your products or services, but additionally, it may build a closer bond between you and your customers. They will feel they are even closer to your company and can return for more products.

Make the website as intriguing and unique when you are. There are many blogs along with other forms of media on the market on the internet, and yours need o be noticeable to acquire a reader base. Be quirky and fun if that's what you are about. Odds are, the readers you obtain will likely be those who take pleasure in the same things you do, which might, consequently, improve your sales.

As a good marketer on the net, you must be persistent. What this means is not letting go of at the first indication of failure. Failures provides one of the most valuable lessons. They pave ways to demonstrate how to take steps better next time. Should you surrender too soon, you may miss gaining wisdom. Persistence pays off.

In case you are attempting to build curiosity about your web site through your blog, make sure you read the sites of other bloggers. Other blogs will certainly be a great way to obtain inspiration for future posts, as it will be possible to discover what topics are drawing readers for some other blogs and which topics are duds.

If you're trying to find Internet marketing advice, make sure you check under a wide array of keywords and look terms and discover it. "Website marketing" is not the only real phrase you'll find advice under. Try SEO, Online business tips, and other associated words and phrases to get more information.

An exclusive and eye-catching ad will invariably succeed better than something you copied from someone's website. Individuals are constantly bombarded by advertising on the internet and you must stand out from the audience. A straightforward, honest ad is sometimes just competitive with a flashy one that's packed with empty promises.

Take full advantage of free online local company directories, for example Google Local Company Center, Yahoo! Local,, SuperPages,, Yelp, Localeze and InfoUSA. Listing your company over these directories is not going to amount to any cash and you should notice a surge in your website visitors. The visitors referred to your web page readily available sources, are also probably be considering your products or services, so conversion should be easy.

Be extremely original and inventive with all the material that you create on your own site. This will enable you to keep a unique feel for your site and provides you with the visibility that you want. Originality will earn you plenty of points and help to improve your brand.

Rather than putting out ads that happen to be obviously ads, produce articles that advertise. In the event you write a nicely written article over a topic relevant to your product and try to talk the product inside the article, it may be a subtle approach to gain new business, however have become accustomed to ignoring ads currently.

Find something to compliment or promote your product, then provide it with away. Like the wordscomplimentary and free, or bonus, does wonders for online marketing campaigns. Considering the variety of choices available on the web, prospective buyers need to have a clear incentive to look along with you. Most will actually perform web searches including these keywords, so incorporate them into your searchable text and tags.

Develop a personal exposure to your reader. Your online marketing materials should be designed in first- or second-person to help make the website visitor believe the email or article is written specifically using their interests at heart. It also brings your brand as a result of a more human level, instead of a large, faceless corporation.

Keep adding fresh content to your site by using online writing services and also hardwearing . content pages well-supplied. There are numerous great online writers who can happily offer you content for your specifications at good prices, though it's difficult to have plenty of time to create lots of good content on your own.

Though it is advisable to possess advertising banners on your site, you must not over practice it by putting lots of. Not all the user has a fast connection speed, and too many banners in your site can make the navigation slower causing people prone to leave out of frustration.

Make sure to set up a different email for each project that you simply undertake or otherwise split the emails in your master email. This will help to keep on the top of each project and not let anything slip through. This will also help you to monitor your online marketing projects.

Intrigue your potential customers by offering a section of your own site which requires your account and password to get into. There is something about secret areas that actually intrigues customers into wanting to discover whatever they are missing. It may be thought to be attempting to access a concealed treasure on your own site.

It really has been noted that internet marketing is an advertising method that beats almost every other means of advertising in numerous ways. It could literally bring customers to you from around the world. It might bring your organization into homes all around the globe. You can experience the success that numerous others have achieved, by taking into consideration the ideas presented on this page.

Due to Facebook, everyone can get the word out concerning their company, small or big. Sadly, this means the competitors is likely already there, marketing around the globe. Having said that, they will not be carrying it out the most effective way possible, and this post will instruct you on how to make it happen much better than they are.

If you work with Facebook to showcase your small business, make sure that you completely fill in the "about" section. This can be a terrific way to communicate what your enterprise is about. It is additionally an excellent area to put in contactlocations and knowledge, cell phone numbers along with other helpful tips regarding your business.

If you use Facebook to advertise your small business, make sure that you completely fill out the "about" section. This really is a terrific way to communicate what your business is about. Additionally it is an outstanding area to place in contactinformation and locations, telephone numbers as well as other helpful tips regarding your business.

Add Facebook sharing buttons on the website. Most blog platforms will automatically integrate these components but you can actually get the code found it necessary to add these buttons when you go to your Facebook settings. These buttons are a great way to encourage your readers to discuss your content while reminding them concerning your Facebook campaign.

Facebook enables you to share content. It is not only an area for chatting, but a great spot to share content too. Address it that way. Write blog posts and after that promote them making use of your Facebook page. Facebook will bring you a lot of traffic.

Through this platform to discuss exclusive content, you may build value for your personal Facebook campaign. Give some specific types of the level of exclusive content your subscribers get access to. You could as an illustration use Facebook to share with you some coupon codes or let your subscribers understand about the new products you may have not released yet.

If you do not have the time within the day to maintain a Facebook page, you ought to get someone else to get it done. Men and women will notice if your messages become to brief and start to lack substance. It can be perfectly acceptable to obtain another person run the page while you focus on other elements of the business.

Assembled a Facebook contest. Everyone loves fun stuff like contests and quizzes on Facebook. It's something which makes the social media site so very special. It's not really that hard for your personal company or brand to create a contest, and it can really open up the engagement degree of your community.

Make regular posts on the Facebook page. Generating a page, putting in multiple posts on the very first day, then ignoring the page for the next several months will do absolutely nothing to increase your business. Put in place a agenda for posting that meets your business's purpose for your Facebook page, and adhere to it.

Increased product sales are the primary purpose of a Facebook marketing plan. It means you should set goals based on sales increases. In order to generate income that actually doesn't mean much, although it is a great thing to experience a lot of likes on your own page. Consider altering your strategy unless you see a rise in your business.

Use a giveaway. Reward those who join your newsletter or just like your page. It is going to only cost a dc seo expert tiny bit of money to garner a great deal of attention and new followers.

Make your Facebook page consistent with the other media. Individual efforts rarely be worthwhile, as with all form of marketing. Attempt to integrate your marketing up to you may. Try and have the feel and search, messaging, etc. consistent across all platforms that you employ. For instance, your email newsletters, Twitter feed, website, and Facebook page should all be similar to one another. This could boost the success of your campaign.

Try sending updates. Facebook Page Administrators can send messages to each and every individual who "Likes" their page. Once you have something valuable on your Facebook business page your fans should know about, you can send them an update to ensure that they're aware about it. Be prudent with the frequency of which you are doing this by only sending updates to fans when it's important.

Stay as active as possible on your own Facebook marketing campaign. No matter how brilliant and beautiful your profile page is, it's useless in your company if it's not generated any interest to folks. Post frequently and also have a great deal of personality within your statements speak straight to your audience using a purpose. If you do, your campaign could be more successful!

Think about joining groups on Facebook that are based on the area which you work in. The greater of your presence that you make on facebook, the greater people you may wind up reaching. The better people who you reach, the higher your earning potential will probably be, everbody knows.

What doesn't assist Facebook marketing? There are certain facts you should avoid. There are a lot of examples. Browse the things that you are currently not expected to do first. You will be doing a favor once you learn what to avoid.

Be strategic about whenever you post. Every target market differs in terms of the time they should surf social media sites throughout the day. But your audience has a tendency to surf at nighttime, then you certainly are losing out on golden chances to build communication and community with one of these people, when you are posting at 9am. Post once your audience is usually around.

Using Facebook for marketing purposes makes sense and cents! Utilize the information from this article to begin your marketing campaign and reach an infinite volume of new business. When something works in business, it catches on and everyone starts using it. Today you can find literally an incredible number of companies on Facebook: Just what are you waiting for?

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23 Apr 2015 

Need Reputation Help? Try These Suggestions

When you're considering reputation management, you possibly will not know how to begin. If the sounds like you, then this information is here to help. Take a few of these things into mind and you will be able to accomplish fine. Please read on if it looks like something you wish to find out about!

Never lose your cool with customers on social media forums. Even if you disagree using a customer, usually do not attack or act rudely for the customer. Attempt to assist the customer as best since you can and move on. Always act professionally since you may not are thinking about creating a bad history of your organization.

You have to be capable to track the achievements each post if you utilize social media sites. There are various programs available online to assist you to track mentions of your business. These programs will likely informs you of every time a user shares your post with his friends and relations members.

Take time to understand what is happening in the business world. The process allows you to offer really advanced and useful information to your clients. Take 5 minutes every day and do a web search to read the newest details about your company's industry.

Have never a public argument with a member of your audience. This is a terrific way to show people that you are not focused on the requirements. Whenever there exists a public disagreement using a business plus an individual, the corporation is normally made to be the bad guy, so be cautious.

Watch whatever you say. This is applicable to both offline and online interactions. Avoid having any discussions about illegal activity or making derogatory comments. You should also avoid having your and yourself business tied to images that happen to be explicit or inappropriate. Also, try to avoid doing or saying anything negative that might be with a news station. Potential investors and customers may see these items as warning signs.

Everybody makes mistakes, even large corporations. As soon as your business makes a mistake, it is vital that you apologize for this to your customers when you can. Describe how your company can certainly make amends. You can still protect your reputation because customers will appreciate your honesty, while you are forthcoming about mistakes.

Take great care that your social websites posts are handled professionally. Social websites pages fully handle your case, so don't ever put a negative spin on them. You need to be personable enough in order that others know you're not really a robot, but you might also need to stay within reasonable limits.

Don't hide it in case a mistake is made. There is absolutely no sense in seeking to fool your customer base. Rather than ignoring the issue, be responsible because of it and strive to quickly correct the mistake. This can lead to forgiveness and you will then move on.

Blogs are amazing methods to bolster your internet increase and presence your company's reputation. Feature guest bloggers within your industry, offer easy methods to make use of products and other information that will help your potential customers. One of the better strategies is usually to feature other businesses that compliment your products.

Record all of the websites where people talk about your company. Find what sites are popular for customers that want to depart feedback for companies in your industry. Answer criticism quickly and link to the more positive comments.

Even if a customer contacts you by having an unfounded complaint against your enterprise, be certain to not dismiss his complaint so readily. You should always thank and acknowledge the client when planning on taking time and energy to contact you. Offer to analyze further. Offer to give him something extra for his troubles. This can limit the likelihood that he or she will bad-mouth your small business around his social circle.

If your company is listed on Wikipedia, find out. It is a very good thing for your reputation because Wikipedia entries consistently rank highly in search engines like google. It could be a smart idea to find a journalistic writer who can create a Wikipedia entry without bias to write down one if your enterprise is not listed. You shouldn't write it yourself simply because this would not present a neutral picture of the company.

To increase your small business reputation among your clients, allow them to have the opportunity to get acquainted with your enterprise better. Communicate with them more on social media sites. When people notice that your enterprise is not simply a faceless corporate entity, they will likely receive you must, as well as your business reputation will improve.

Never harm your small business reputation by overreacting into a customer who may be upset with something you or perhaps an employee did. Never treat a customer with harsh or cruel statements. When you have a buyer who crosses the fishing line, ignore them as opposed to entering into a flame war.

Learn the maximum amount of concerning your customers as you can. Many customers appreciate finding the personal touch. Always think of ways that you can provide better services. This can do wonders for your company's reputation being an excellent company.

Don't respond in the rush whenever you answer criticism leveled on your company. Ensure you know the situation, prior to deciding to respond. Substantiate your position with facts. Once you reply to criticism, address the issue and offer a genuine solution to the problem.

Always vet those you hire, given that they might have real effect on your company's reputation. The funds spent investigating each new hire will pay for itself. This is certainly something that can negatively affect your reputation.

Once.... you recall the saying fool me? Well, customers are likely to take that approach along if you are not doing good business. You can find a primary purchase, but are you truly likely to retain and grow customers in the event you don't make use of the reputation management tips you found out about here?

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30 Mar 2015 

business News, Photos and Videos



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Cyber Monday 2014

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Emerging Markets

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29 Mar 2015 

20 Essential Search Engine Optimization Tips for Small Business Owners

Last Updated Jul 29, 2010 10:42 PM EDT

Matt Cutts, Google's most visible search engine optimization guru, has said there are more than 200 variables in the Google algorithm. Don't expect to find an explanation of all 200 here -- because I don't know them. (That's why Google is full of Ph.Ds.) But I have helped a number of Websites get to the No. 1 search result. How? By following simple rules. What I have learned about Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines over the last 15 years could fill my Starbucks Venti cup. Lots of so-called SEO experts will swear they know enough to fill a swimming pool. Don't buy it -- they're overselling their expertise and even if they aren't, you don't need to know enough to fill a swimming pool. Search engine optimization is something every small business can do on its own with the help of a few simple rules.

First, a word of warning about the limitations of SEO: You can optimize all you like but if people aren't searching for and talking about what you're selling, no amount of SEO will help you rank or sell more. Figure out what people are looking for by doing some keyword research. Try tools like SEO Book, Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker (I also like using Google Insights for trending results. Hint: Search and look at the bottom).

Now, let's talk about what's on your site and how to optimize it. (I consider this part to contribute only about 30 percent to your overall search rank. I'll get to the other 70 percent later in the post.)

1. Write Website copy for humans. Search engines are smart. They know what a real sentence, paragraph, and links should look like. Don't keyword stuff your site or talk about the same things over and over again to try to beat them. It doesn't work.

2. Focus on 5-20 main related keywords or phrases for your entire Website. You don't want to spread yourself so thin you don't rank well for any search terms. Try to "own" the search for a select number of terms. Use the tools above to identify the ones that will drive up the quantity and quality of visitors.

3. Get your best keywords into your domain, folders, and page names. For some great examples of how to create keyword-rich domain names, check out the results for these searches: used cars, monkeys for sale, belize vacation. Folders and pages should also include keywords: for example,

4. Check your keyword density and tweak as necessary. Keywords and phrases for a page should be around 3-5 percent of the total text and links of any particular page (not too much more and not too much less). Don't just focus on your homepage. It's about 50 percent of the search weight of your Website but every page needs keywords to create a "theme" for search engines. The more pages that are ranked, the more entry points your Website has.

5. Make sure the title of each page is different. Mix up your keyword combinations and phrases and don't use more than 70 characters. You can use more, but each word takes weight from another as you keep going. The first words in the title matter most.

6. Include a unique meta description for each page. Include phrasing that has a call to action since it is seen under your title in many search engines. For example: Buy a used car today. We offer great financing for our used cars. To learn more about our used cars, trucks and automobiles call 1-800-used-cars today. Use no more than 155 characters.

7. Style your keywords. Use header, bold, and italic tags throughout your Web pages. These keywords are important and you should show that to visitors search engines as well. You can style header tags by using some simple CSS to match your Website.

8. Name your Images. Get keywords and phrases into the file names and use them in alt tags, too. For example: used-cars-1965-thunderbird.jpg with an alt tag of "Used Cars -1965 Thunderbird."

9. Link intelligently to yourself. When linking from one page to another on your Website, use your specific keywords or phrases. Don't just use words like Home, Products, Contact if you can use Used Cars Home, Our Used Cars, Contact Used Cars.

10. Create an XML Sitemap. Search engines love them. You can build a quick sitemap for your Website using XML Sitemaps Generator. Upload your sitemap where your front page (index file) is located, then just tell Google, Yahoo, and Bing where it's located at ( A quick way to do this is with a robots.txt file...

11. Create and upload a simple robots.txt file. These tell search engines what you allow or disallow them to add to their search engine. Google has a good description of how to make robots.txt file here. (It takes about five minutes.) Add your sitemap location to the robots.txt and you won't have to submit it to the search engines manually like above. Just add sitemap: to the robots.txt file.

12. Link out. Search engines give more importance to Websites that link to other related sites, especially if they're local to your city or state, or industry. Create a "Resources" page with keyword-rich links out to other sites.

13. Refresh your Website with new content and pages regularly. One easy way to do it: Find related subject RSS feeds and add a couple to your Website too. I like Google AJAX Feed and WebRSS for this, and there are more here.

What you can do on your Website is pretty easy to see; how Google and others tie everything together is not. This is what happens offsite and it's really where the rubber meets the road. Think of it this way: An expert grows their influence and reputation as more people cite their expertise, whether they are a big name in a small niche or a big name in a huge field. The same is true for Websites. And just like people, the more popular your subject matter, the harder it is to get through the noise. Keywords can only do so much; recommendations -- in the form of links -- from influential people and Websites are what will give you a real edge.

Here's how to get links that matter:

14. Ask the right people to link to you. Check the page rank of as many Websites you can find in your industry and start by asking the ones with the highest rank. Link to them first on your Resources page and then email them and ask for a link back. Send them the keyword-rich link text you would like them to use for your Website. Join the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce also -- they usually link to you automatically and this helps in local searches. Check to see who is linking to you by using Yahoo Site Explorer. All of this sounds labor intensive but it's worth a year of your time if it helps you get the No. 1 spot.

15. Create a "Link to Us" page. I have found that if you offer logos and keyword-rich link text to visitors, they will link to you. Here's an example I created for linking to Cloud Hosting at Rackspace. If you do email marketing, email the page to your subscribers and past customers and ask them to link to you.

16. Become an expert on more sites than just your own. Write guest blog articles for your industry on popular Websites. (See how I just did that in tip #15.) Start your own blog and incorporate it into your Website; post and comment on Twitter and Facebook about your industry; answer questions on Yahoo Answers or Google Groups; submit reviews on Yelp, Amazon, ePinions, and Alexa; comment on industry blogs and forums. Link back to your website when it's helpful but don't overdo it.

17. Get listed in directories. They have been around a long time and search engines scan them for new links because of their reputation. Try DMOZ, Yahoo (fee required, but worth it), Business Directory (fee), Ezilon, Best of Web (fee), BizWeb, Gimpsy (fee), Go Guides (fee), Google Directory, or ipl2.

18. Give away free stuff. The more content you can make available for free -- samples, whitepapers, software, tutorials, tips, coupons, contest prizes, etc. -- the more people will link to you so they can pass it on.

19. Syndicate your press releases. Send out a press release locally or nationally when you create a new product or service and link to yourself in it. Here is a nice list of some popular ways to syndicate your press releases.

20. List yourself on Google Places. This means your business will show up as a Google map search result and it carries a lot of weight for local searches.

Getting a higher search engine rank will always be about compelling products and information that is spread by word of mouth. I love what my colleague Klee Kleber, the VP of marketing of Rackspace, says about SEO: "It's a religion." I, like everyone else, have different beliefs on how Google works and we can talk about it until we run out of breath -- but no one knows for sure except the hundreds of Ph.Ds that work at Google. But a strong foundation of great products and quality keywords and links is always the best place to start and build from. To learn more about SEO, check out the best two sources I have ever found at SEO Book and SEOmoz. Keep me updated on how it goes.

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