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03 Dec 2015 

Heating and Cooling - Discussions - central a/c unit

Hi (back) =

That shines some more light on your Project, for sure!

Read these "Owner Reviews" re: LENNOX pls =

... obviously, only those dramatically-upset usually take the time to openly post "Gripes!" ... but, "where-there's-smoke-there's-a-chance-of-fire?"

The big Federal Tax Credit of $1,500 ended @ midnight on 31st Dec last .... but .... in it's place, there IS another, different Plan which under certain circumstances STILL provides for a $500 Tax Credit.

Ponder this? ... (A) - because of the dubious circumstances under which the Home became yours, it is a "safe bet" that zero Preventative click here Maintenance was given to those two Furnaces.

(B) - with the ~ ~ 97 out-of-128 peoples "complaining" re: that Brand of Equipment plus the fact that these are ~ ~ 7 heating years of age, more than likely w/o any proper servicing, I'd suggest that you obtain new click here Proposals on entire/complete Outfits, 'upstairs' and 'down.'

(C) - one of the stipulations for that max of $500 Credit is that the "Blower Assembly" be more efficient ... that means specifically inside one's Furnace, not the Central A-C Unit at all.

(D) - Trane does have for many "Markets" [determined by your ZIP Code] either zero % for an extended Time Interval ..OR.. a $1,000 Instant Rebate.

(D) - with any new Central Cooling System, a large part of 'success' or opposite alternative depends upon that furnace "Blower Assembly!" ... e.g. = is it sufficiently-powerful, perhaps a variable speed, etc.?

(E) - "IF" there might be any "issues" w/ the lack of proper Cooling either 'upstairs' or 'down' - - - I'd wager a deluxe steak click here dinner for two that each Brand would 'blame' the opposite in the instance of click here href="">click here a 'split' in Names .... e.g. = "2004 Lennox Furnace" verses 2011 Model "XXX" non-Lennox Central A-C Units!

(F) - ... and so, again, I very-strongly feel that - - although certainly more costly right now - - you would stand a much better % for success to have the Entire System [Heating & Air] be of one Brand, w/ my 'vote' for TRANE due to the reasons stated above. - - everett

p.s. = Agents / Installing Dealers Do Get Package 'Deals' on complete Heat + Air Systems of which you & I are totally unaware!

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